Top 3 most expensive Party Bus limousines in the world

Who wouldn’t want to live the life of a king, to be driven around all day in a limo? Well, it turns out that not all kings are the same. If most of us only afford to rent a limo on special occasions for a couple of hours and on small distances, there are others who actually own one or more of these luxurious cars. So not all of us can only be kings for a day. So here are the most expensive and most luxurious limousines & Party Bus out there found with our favourite party bus.
1. Batmobile

When you are so rich that a regular, everyday limo just isn’t enough, of course you get yourself a BBatmobile built. This car was, of course, inspired from the Batman movie series from the 90s and it turns out that it was the most expensive limo built in 2012. Apart from its futuristic look, when it comes to functionality this car really has every reason to amaze you. It has all the gadgets from the original Batmobile in the series. Rocket and missile launcher, jet engine, rear flaps and even ejectable front and back wheels, this limo has it all. And when you think that you could own it for the price of 4.2 million dollar. Yes, that’s how much it costs, 4.2 million dollars, no joke. Well, come to think of it, it does have a jet engine, so it might be worth it after all.
2. The American Dream
This party limo has the most suitable name! It really is what the American dream is all about. It was designed and built by Jay Ohrberg, a car and limousine enthusiast, especially when it comes to famous cars built for films and television. Going back to the American Dream, you should probably know that it’s the proud Guinness world record holder for the longest car in the world. Over 100 feet long, since you’ve asked. But that’s not the only impressive thing about this car. It also has no less than 26 wheels, a swimming pool, heated Jacuzzi, sun deck, a helipad and even a couple of beds. The price of this extravagant limo is of 4 million dollars.


3. The Beast
Hold on to a hat, this party bus limo sounds more like a tank than a car. Well, if you think of the fact that it used to be Barack Obama’s Limousine back in 2009, you pretty much get the idea. This car is not impressive when it comes to size or luxurious gadgets, but when it comes to survival kits. Apart from having armored plates that can even be effective in stopping RPGs, the limo is also fitted with oxygen tanks, firefighting equipment, shotguns, teargas canisters, and even grenade launchers. This incredibly safe limousine is said to cost somewhere around 3 million dollars.