The Shop is Restocking

Brocks Fly Shop

We’ve placed a massive order for new inventory and will be back up and running Brocks Fly Shop virtually again very soon. Just bare with us as the supplier is new to us, but I assure you everything will meet our quality standards. For this reason we’re going to be inspecting all the flies and rods very closely before we open up shop again. Our family stands behind the quality of our products and we’ll never take any chance on that even if it means we lose sales and money.

Our customers have been very loyal and we plan to reward you all for helping us relauch our business and our business back up and booming. MY daughter has her first baby boy! Needless to say we’ve been very busy helping them get into their new house and getting everything set up. This reminded me though, my husband Brock and I wish to leave this business behind as a legacy and will be pouring the our heart and soul for the rest of our living days into this so please write us and let us know if there’s anything we cans o to improve your online shopping experience.

In the mean time you should brush up on your fly fishing skills, you’re going to needem!