Moving Past the Pests and Looking Forward to an Awesome Fishing Season


Here at Brock’s Fly Shop, we like little critters when we use them in bait and we tolerate them when we are out in the wild, but we don’t like them when they are in places they shouldn’t be!

As you may be aware, we had to shut down the shop for the last couple weeks. The reason? We had termites eating away at our store. Fortunately, was able to help us with the problem before things got out of hand.

We could have avoided the store being closed if we identified the termites earlier. So, we advise you take a look at this video so you are aware of any termite problem before it gets out of hand.

The whole experience was quite annoying, but we are happy to move past it and reopen our shop. We are very excited about the upcoming fly fishing season, and as a welcome back special, we are offering 50% off all of our fly fishing bait including maggots, worms grubs, ants, as well as all fly fishing lures, even the electronic ones.


It hasn’t been the warmest spring so far, but the forecast for the summer in Ontario looks very promising, with nice spring weather spread across the province as soon as May rolls around.

For any newbies who are looking to get into fishing this year, we have several starter packages on sale that we would be happy to assist you with.

The license-free family fishing days in Ontario this summer run from July 2-10.

As always, we offer a few fly fishing training courses to help any age learning how to fly fish properly. We have yet to see the days for these, but we will be doing so very soon. Stay posted!