Brock & Laura are the happy owners at Brock Fly Shop, the one stop shop for all your fly fishing needs. We have nearly every time of fly, rod and bait you could ever dream of. We’re now 100% retired from our previous jobs and focus solely on this business and travel when we can. We’ll include some of our fly fishing trip photography on this site as well. We’ve been selling fly fishing gear for nearly a decade from out home on the side and have decided it’s time to tackle it head on and build up a great solution for shoppers looking for fly fishing gear online. Please never hesitate to contact us.

Our private label product are also available on amazon and will soon be shipped from many Wal-mart locations in North America. Our number 1 priority is creating a quality product first. If the product is the bed tin the industry, then there is no reason for our customers to go anywhere else to meet  the needs of their next fishing trip.

Our family is very important to us and we take most Saturday and Sunday off to relax and pray with our lovely church. Please allow up to 1-business day for us to return you inquiry unless it is the weekend. We are usually around but try to schedule some time away form the computer on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ve been telling our kids for years to not wreck their eyes on computer screens so we decided to take out own advice and keep our work efficiency up without sacrificing long term health. We suggest that you consider the same. However, if there is an emergency situation please just give us a call, we’re love to chat anyway and hear more from our customers in general. We can only improve what we find out needs fixing so don’t hesitate to write us a quick note.

Our business grows on reviews and referrals, if you have a moment please finds us on yelp and google maps to write us a quick review based on your experience with Brock’s Rod Shop.

~Brock & Laura